Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Mr Sunshine

some mornings it's just really nice to watch the Sunrise :)
hope you won't get tired of seeing the same sun photo shots.
and those buildings...hehe
sharing a few Vacation layouts i did :)

Kampong Holiday
away from the City Life, a great experience :)
Flying Solo
on my way to meet hubby in Bangkok!
doodled camera ;)
Pure Joy
sometimes taking a break does us some good.
that is IF we can take the time away from the
hustle & bustle of everyday Life
my paint was drying up, so decided to
add some texture to this layout along with some stamping.
Thanks Tania for the border stamps! :) New Friends
Young and lovely University Students wanted to interview me and a few friends about our Love and Passion for Scrapbooking and Scrapbook Shopping for their school project. after all that, we got them into making Tags :D
i did this simple tag :)
and gave it to my new young friend
Dear Friends, hope you're all doing great :) i've been a little achy all over and coughing since the haze started. weather has been pretty unpredictable and it's really warm and humid most times! hopefully the haze will fade out and we'll have clear skies again.

it's now the week long school holiday but so much for a school break when 3 of my kids have to go back to school for courses, extra school activities and i'm not complaining. they are! hehe...

Thanks for popping by and Enjoy the week! Take Care :)


sharon Ong said...

Hey...hope you are feeling better Ed! I really love the 6X12" layout you did!

Cathy said...

I miss you too!! I am a total blog slacker this past year.
I sure hope all is well in your world!!


Karen L said...

Hope you are feeling better too Edleen - Do love your photo, although the haze would be pretty difficult. I clearly remembers the fires here last year and the aweful haze that enveloped our city. Love your Holiday layout. Just gorgeous.

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Beautiful projects Ed!
I love that you got the students making tags!
Hope you feel better soon!

suryani said...

have a speedy recovery and rest well. Beautiful tag u have there and since i'll be free from next week onwards, i might be making tags too :D

bebang said...

Hi Edleen! Thanks for visiting my blog. And thank you for your comments in my Laines gallery :) Im a regular shopper at Laines (almost every Thursday!).... It's also my first time to submit for {Create}. Thanks to Sookie for introducing it to me :) Thank you again. I love your layouts, you're really an artist. and hope to meet you soon.

Ana Baird said...

Get well soon Edleen! Great picutres of the sunrise! Love your projects too. Have a lovely weekend!

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

nice how you incorporated allll those photos into the layout on your kampong holiday...