Thursday, April 1, 2010

Freshly Baked

felt like having cake for breakfast this morning.
the first of many cakes to come this month
as there are 3 Birthdays coming!
we had bananas, butter and everything else so...
mix all ingredients
Sweetie just loves the smell of batter
after 40 minutes...
Marbled Banana Cake :)
shared with friends over Teh Tarik @ Arab Street
Creative Escape 2010
sharing a few shots taken that Enjoyable Creative day!
Thanks Laine's for having me as the "Official Photographer"
or now known as
Ed the Mamarazzi...hehe
All the Sweet Assistantsget Inspired with Donna Downeyit was great meeting Everyone!
hope you had fun :)
Fave Shots taken @ Arab Street today :)

Sultan Mosque
love that design and door!
Click ClickWindowBahaya means Danger
looks like the sign has been "gesso~ed"one day, i shall own this.
a mini version for display will do...hehe
Hi All :)

it's April! can you believe it? hope this month will be a great one for All and may you enjoy everything that you do. it's Good Friday tomorrow and Happy Easter too!

long weekend for many of us and we're planning to chill out and maybe catch a movie with kids. and i REALLY have to scrap after getting some scrapbooking stuff the past month from all the Sales and New Arrivals!!! i think...some of you have to do the same too? *wink wink*

Thanks for dropping by and Enjoy April and have a good time doing what you Love :)
Take Care! *hugs*


suryani said...

yummy looking cake :)

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Hey Ed, hope you are keeping well. That cake looks delish! Lucky you, being involved in the Enjoyable Creative Day!