Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy B~Earth Day!

how cool to be an Earth Day child!
apparently all my 4 kids were born
on a significant date...hmmm
made this card for my teenage Boy :)
Banana Milo Cake
i wanted to try out layering cake with white chocolate pudding
not perfect but received good reviews from the
Birthday Boy and family :)
Happy 13th My Dear Son!
this one for Ron on his Birthday :)
anyone remember that really old camera?
i started out taking photos with that
when i was in Primary School :)
i also remember that when photos were developed,
they had rounded corners ;)
this one for Aysha :)
Pages from my Desktop Journal
i just Love using my paper scraps!
Hi Everyone :)

It's been such a busy month if you haven't noticed! hehe... 3 Birthdays were celebrated, everyone had such a Happy Time which is truly important. this year i baked all 3 Birthday cakes which i'm proud of. Ron said anything homebaked and homecooked is always the Best. hehe...

i hope you're All doing fine and having a splendid time. a week of April left and hope you'll have great fun. weather has been about the same daily here... sunny, warm, humid and rainy most afternoons. but as long as we're keeping ourselves well, it shouldn't matter what the weather is.

i've been invited to teach a Mini Album project @ a local school this weekend, so looking forward to that! there'll be 40 students, phew, wonder if i'll manage ;)

Happy Earth Day to All!
let's keep our Earth Happy just like we want to be Happy :)
Take care, have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Visit for more scrapbooking supplies. Thanks :)

itsaworkofart said...

happy family faces = happy mom/wife!! very blessed are you. oh, yes, believe me Ed, Ron is not the only hubby that will said that! ha..haa..
Hope to see you n G soon!!!
Take care.