Tuesday, June 8, 2010


recent entries for my Desktop Journal :)

Altered Envelopes & Letters
swapping with friends :)

La Dolce Vita
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Hi Everyone :)

hope you're all doing great and it's the 2nd week of the school break and kids are truly enjoying themselves not having to wake up early, no school to attend and especially no homework..hehe

but Umie still has to do laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning...
i need a "Take A Vacation from Housework" coupon please :D

anyway, we've been having fun and making time to meet up with friends for lunch and chit chat. i've also been a little busy in the kitchen trying out new recipes and not sure if anyone else tried this before but came up with Ed's Tuna Cakes ;)

boiled potatoes & carrots, mashed with salt & onion.
add tuna and mix & mash everything together

place onto tray like flat cakes with or without cheese on top.
bake for about 20 minutes or until crispy...

family tested first and everything on tray vanished in seconds!
hehe... will be making more soon :)

i haven't any good news to update on my Cousin's wife. things we don't want to hear especially coming from the Doctor to gather children, immediate Family members... we were saddened upon receiving the news. last night we were @ the hospital and seeing how she is, i guess it's how Life is. how she was bubbly, cheerful and playing with her 3 young children. and Little Ones not really knowing why Mummy is always sleeping...

we're still Praying for her and at this moment, everything else is in the hands of God. Thank You for coming by and leaving kind words :) truly Appreciate it.

have a Wonderful Week and Enjoy Every Moment! *hugs*


Naddy said...

beautiful creations ed...

my prayers to ur cousin's wife....

Je@net said...

Love love love your projects, Edleen. Specially 'la dolce vita' layout! It's stunning!

itsaworkofart said...

Hey Ed, i always enjoy your looking at your desktop journal! haaa...waiting for you to post your 'art journal' entries.
make some Ed's Tuna Cake for me too!
oops, have not make my altered 'mail art' yet. soon yeah...
Prayers for your Cousin's wife too.
Meet up soon???