Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roses and Cake

Ron surprised me with these for our 18th Anniversary :)

Homemade Chocolate Cheesecake from my Dear Friend Hairun :) baked with ♥ in Malaysia ;) so rich and cheesy! Thank You!!!

this month, July challenged us to use fabric in our creation. i totally love corrugated boards and enjoy recycling them into any project

fabric background handstitched onto board

Christmas Cards
Papierhouse is having a Christmas swap and am sending these out to Family & Friends

For Her
simple and pretty :)

it's the weekend and no matter what the weather is, can't complain :) we had a blast celebrating our Anniversary and my Birthday :D and check this out, hope to see you there!

it's more Cake and Birthday fun on Monday. i was borned!!! <= this word doesn't exist ;) can't wait to celebrate with Family & Girlfriends. see you all tomorrow!

have a Fabulous end to November 2010 Everyone! *Hugs*


Ana Baird said...

Congratulations on your 18th anniversary Edlen! Love all your cards and hair clip. The colours you've used are so bright and cheerful1

Anonymous said...

hi Ed

Which time slots will you be at the Paper Market event? Would love to see you there!

Edleen said...

Hi :) I'll be there during the event from 1pm onwards.

hope to see you! please say Hi yeah :D

Anonymous said...

Oh! Will you be there during the weekends? I'm working full-time, not a housewife - anytime can go! haha!

I will definitely say hi if you are around. *cross fingers*

Viola Mahr said...

Oh what a sweetie! Those roses are so beautiful. And those LO's, the hair pin, everything is gorgeous! Happy days, ed!


Sandy Ang said...

Such romantic roses for your anniversary. Hope you had a wonderfully lovey dovey celebration.

Edleen said...

Thanks All :)

to Anon: yes, i'll be there during the weekend :) see you!

Chok Keun said...

Hi Ed, happy anniversary and hope u enjoyed the day? Your hubby so romantic!

Loving the LO, and Xmas cards and cool idea of the flower hairpin :)

Chok Keun said...

Happy Anniversary and hope you had a great day. Your hubby so loving and romantic!

Loving the projects and creations -beautiful layering on the LO and cute Xmas cards and not forgetting to cool idea of the flower hairpin.