Friday, February 18, 2011

Nothing Else Matters

for Ed's Sketch :)
photo of Umie and her growing kids! Muesa is now towering over me...

Inspired by Groovie Cover this month :)
the only 6year old in Primary 1 while the rest turning 7 soon.
check out his new hairdo ;)

for {Create} Make It Happen :)

have you seen these @ Laine's & Papermarket?
they're so Pretty and Lovely! grab them before it's all gone ;)

Beautiful Us
layout using Papermarket's Blush Mix & Romance Mix

use it plain or distress the edges ;)

mix them up!

Thanks Elaine for the Yummy Swedish Lunch!
food was great and dessert was delish :)

Happy Birthday Susan! :)

celebrating with Secret Agents..hehehe ;)

totally addicted to Instagram :) sky photos from today...

Early Morning



hope you're enjoying Friday night and the coming weekend :)


Sue said...

What a fun post, Ed! Love the layouts, the photos from your home and of course the photos of us and the Swedish meal. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. :)

Shamma Parvin said... was nice meeting you the other day. Lovely lovely layouts as usual. You are still looking good.
Keep in touch :)

Je@net said...

Great pictures and lovely layouts!

Blossom inch said...

beautiful layouts, nice photos, delicious meals and I like it all!