Friday, July 15, 2011


had fun with these Cute Onesies chipboards :)

Blessed with Four :)

This is Number 4, and it's always Anis First!
for Ed's Sketch this month :)
used punch to create a border

hidden tag and recycled one from Gap Kids

remember the punched border?
used the punch outs as border on the hidden tag ;)

for Scrap & Stamp, inspired by this week's sketch

Instagram Shots

Spiral staircases are Cool

Was watching the Moon Rising during Sunset on Thursday

With 4 kids, these didn't last very long...

Happy Mid July! Hope you're all in the Best of Health and Enjoying each day :)
Thanks for coming by and Stay Inspired and Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Scrapthat said...

SUPER fun Onsies! Great LOs and fab pics! TFS!

Esti said...

Everytime i hop over to your blog i feel soooo inspired - just want to run and create:) thanks a mil for the tons of creative ideas!

Blossom inch said...

those little rompers are just so cute and those layouts are beautiful Ed!

Anonymous said...

Nice Post. This enter helped me in my school assignment. Thanks Alot

Je@net said...

Ooooh, those little rompers are just so sweet and cute!
Great layouts, Ed, beautiful as always!

Sandy Ang said...

I bet the oneses are a challenging shape to work with. You did such an amazing job with them