Monday, October 31, 2011


time really flies by...
8.5"x11" Layout for Ed's Challenge @ Laine's Blog for November :)
come join in and win prizes worth $150!

i used Sharpie to colour on the metal charm camera ;)

my Fabulous Four :)

BFF since 1990, London
for {Create} Make It Happen Banner challenge this month.
hope you sent yours in

Eid 2011 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

It's All About Me
for Ed's Sketch using Camera stamp

3+4=7...yup soon he'll be there!

Bubble Fun
inspired by this month's Groovie Cover.
We're excited to have 2 Ladies from South Africa join the Design Team!
Come check them out at the blog :)

Sunrise from my Balcony ~ Instagram

It's October 31st and for those celebrating, Happy Halloween! Boo!!!
exams are still on and i'm truly lucky to have been appointed as an Invigilator during this final year exams at a local University :) feeling very "Teacher" like, also "Nanny" like babysitting the young adults...hehe but I'm truly Thankful for the opportunity.

the past 2 weeks wasn't so great for me, kids had high fever, one after another and then passed to me who had fever & chills and even though feeling better today, i'm dealing with a ghostly white tongue and a terrible sore throat :( but hopefully will recover fully soon.

just 2 more weeks until school shuts for this year and kids will be enjoying time off from books and homework! looking forward to a vacation and wherever we end up, as long as we have a good time :) and then back to Reality...hehehe

Thanks for coming by, hope you're all doing great. Take Care and enjoy the last day of October and have a Wonderful Time when November comes :)


Blossom inch said...

beautiful layouts and pics.

jazsutra said...

Gorgeous layouts there Ed, and precious photos I can see.The warmth of genuine and special bonds..Treasure them ;)

Meet up again soon okie.miss you my friend...


Lesli said...

Lovely, Lovely LO's Ed!

Karen L said...

Yah Edleen, I can visit your blog again. For the most part of this year I have been unable to access your beautiful work. So nice to be back visiting again.