Monday, March 19, 2012

A & A

1st and 4th, always having fun with each other and
most importantly, they Love each other.
Of course with the teasing in between! :D
This month's
Ed's Challenge: Aeropostale @ Laine's Blog
{Create} Make It Happen
March: Vellum challenge
I punched out butterflies on vellum
and placed it over blue cardstock
for Ed's Sketch challenge using Butterfly stamps
Inspired by a sketch here
Spent a Fun day @ The Helix at Marina Bay Sands
during the week long school holiday :)
2 Front Teeth
for Groovie Covers this month.
This layout done on my iPhone with an app called Collage Day ;)
for Use Your Stash Challenge
Stamped swirls on blank tags,
glimmer mist & stamped alphas last
Yummy ATCs from Yuzz for our swap :)
Dad @ the hospital.
Thankfully he's recovered and resting at home :)
If you havent heard yet...
I shall miss Laine's Papeterie
Come on over for REALLY Yummy Deals!!!
Thanks Friends for coming by and kids just had a one week holiday break from the first term of school. They had fun not having homework to do...hehe It's back to school today and how time flies! Already mid~March and hoping everyone's doing great and in fabulous health.

Also very Thankful hubby has arrived safely in London and then off to The Caribbean for ongoing projects. It's "Single Parenting" while he's away... But with 2 teenagers, I have a bit more help than it was before when all my 4 kids were under 10. God Willing, we'll all be alright :)

Stay Groovie and have a Wonderful Week! Take Care :)


Ali said...

Edleen, You did an outstanding job using the sketch from Sketches: Creatively Yours this week! Makes me proud! LOL Loved your "FUN" page and all your other lovely creations!! You have a beautiful style.
BTW, I too am a Mommy to 4, with 2 of them now teenagers. It does make a difference, we get things done as a team! LOL. Our kids just had their "March Break" and went back to schl today. So, I hear ya! LOL Have a great week and thx for playing along at S: CY! Come back soon! We love new faces!

Ann said...

Wow, lovely LO's. I love what you did with your "fun" LO with the S:CY sketch. Thanks for playing along this week.

Kelly said...

What a lovely blog you have! I enjoy your style. Your "fun" layout is a great take on the sketch at S:CY!

Stacey's Creative Corner said...

Stunning layouts! I love how you used the sketch from S:CY for you FUN layout! Thanks for playing along this week. :)

Cassie said...

What beautiful layouts! Thank you for playing along with us at S:CY, hope you had tons of "fun"!

PhotoArtbyChelle said...

Amazing job. Love what you did with the sketch from Creatively Yours.

Elisha Pharr said...

Wow!! I could hang out here for hours taking in all of your beautiful pages!! Thank for playing along with us at S:CY!! I hope you will come back and play along with us soon!!

Vikki said...

Your layouts are amazing and you have beautiful children. Thanks for playing with us at S:CY.

glorygirl said...

Oh my goodness! Every one of these is great! My favorite picture is the missing two front teeth - priceless! Thanks so much for playing along with us at S:CY! Wonderful take on the sketch!

glorygirl said...

Such beautiul layouts - every one has such a great design! Love the picture of the missing two front teeth - priceless! Thanks for playing along at S:CY! Wonderful take on the sketch!

S@lene aka Yati said...

Thanks for joining the sketch at Yours Creatively and thank you so much for loving some love at my blog!! Gorgeous works!

Naddy said...

Beautiful LOs ed :)

Anonymous said...

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Blossom inch said...

I hope your father is well by now, thanks for the ATCs and all are lovely, thanks for posting my ATCs here in the blog also all your LOs are just so beautiful!

Blossom inch said...

I hope your father is well by now, thanks for the ATCs and all are lovely, thanks for posting my ATCs here in the blog also all your LOs are just so beautiful!