Friday, April 21, 2006

Cramps! :(

i am so not feeling great today...a big ughh :( it hurts and all i wanna do today is lay down and curl up and rest in bed. nevertheless, my blog gets updated! hehehe... and my duty as a Mum still continues. Thankfully my 3 are in school right now and i have a few hours of rest. so far the little one seems alright playing on his own. ok, messing up everything on his own! :/

anyway, started on a layout this morning and currently stuck with no title. haven't even started on Earth Day challenge. well, if i feel better by this evening, might get started on it. just feeling awfully tired with this monthly cramps and body aching!!! getting old and rusty!!!


aidaville said...

Oh nooooo ...... case of too much fun LOL !!

Get beter soon k ?

clarii said...

oh! *hugz*

javascrapper said...

hehe...Thanks Aida & Clara. phew..feeling slightly better today. :)