Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Muesa!!! You Are 9 Today :)

my son, how you've grown! i remember telling you when you were tiny, to always remain that way. don't grow up..hehe :) today you've grown to be a big boy, big brother and a wonderful loving son. Umie Loves You! Happy 9th Birthday! :)

*Abah called from Sri Lanka. yes, he's in SL for a few days doing some tree shopping! he wishes you a Happy Birthday too. asked if he's going to shop for other stuff besides trees and he said YES! they're taking him to an outlet where it's famous for shopping. now wondering if they have scrapbooking stuff there too??? ;)*


clarii said...

kekeke thought you are hinting that your hubby maybe getting birthday gift but you are actually thinking of SB stuff kekekek

aidaville said...

Happy Birthday to Muesa !

How are you feeling today ?

javascrapper said...

am feeling much better today, Thanks Aida. i enjoy reading your blog..but sayang i cannot comment!!! ;)