Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Family Ties & Bond

didn't log in at all on Tuesday. received a message from my Mum that my brother J has been hospitalised. Thankfully, it's not a serious issue. there was a growth at an unmentionable part of his body..hehe. so after kids went to school and sending Aneesa to Nursery, me and Anis took a cab to Changi General Hospital.

Brother J was sleeping when we arrived. My Mum, Tok Dol, Mama Chee, Uncle Sonny & sister in law just left, missed them by a few minutes! doesn't matter...i had some alone time with my dear brother. :) it was raining cats and dogs outside and i remember seeing the little yellow butterfly fluttering in and around the ward. Anis was amused. saying that he's feeling much better after the minor surgery, J dreads having to stay the night. hmm..i didn't dread staying at the maternity ward at all after giving birth! hehehe...

after our goodbyes, took a cab to my Mum's. it was still raining, although not as heavy. only had half an hour to stay. got to fetch Aneesa back from Nursery before 5pm. so within that half hour at my Mum's, i managed to have her delicious teh tarik with biscuits and gobbled up her number one sambal goreng ;) even Anis was fed by Mama Lat with rice and beef soup!

apparently my timing was slightly off to fetch Aneesa. everyone in school had already left but my watch showed 5 minutes after 5pm! maybe it's my watch... but the Teachers were locking up and they waited with Aneesa. she was happy to see me. and of course, i'm happy to see her. :)

*hubby is safely back at Maldives from Sri Lanka. a little too late to ask him to shop for scrapbooking stuff... but he's sent an email saying he did alot of shopping for our kids. he mentioned OshKosh, Gap & others...hmmm no sign of Basic Grey? hehe... but he will look out for those in the upcoming trip to SL again. yippee!!! :)*

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