Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Aysha!!! You are 11 Today :)

my dearest daughter turns 11 today. oh my! it's also Easter Sunday and she was also born on Easter Sunday in 1995 ;) she's a happy litte bunny.

Abah sent a sms in the morning, sending Birthday Greetings to Aysha. he called a little later too but couldn't talk for long, he's very very busy. i got busy in the kitchen in the early morning as we're expecting my Grandmother, Uncles & Aunts, Brothers & Sisters In Law, Cousins, Nieces & Nephews and Friends. didn't expect it, but my Father turned up too! the kids were excited as usual and Aysha helped in the decorations. we packed the goodie bags for all the little kiddies the night before. she also made name tags for almost everyone and they all turned out really cool! we're having the usual double celebration of Aysha's 11th & Muesa's 9th birthday. both are April babies and their birthday is just 6 days apart. :)

makan session was suppose to begin at 12noon but our first guests arrived after 1pm. Ayep helped with the pumping of the balloons...which mostly popped! :) asked Aysha & Muesa to go buy some more balloons with the proper balloon pump. more guests started arriving and everyone was ushered to the "buffet" table to help themselves to whatever that's laid out before them. everyone started chatting and eating and soon you could hear the sounds of laughter and balloons popping!!! hehehe...

Aysha made lovely name tags for all the little ones and some for the adults. all food were cooked by yours truly, really simple dishes actually. Thank Goodness none of my kids bugged me while i was in the kitchen! ;) we had 2 Birthday cakes. a chocolate sponge cake which i smothered with nutella spread, sprinkles, gummy candy & glico pokky sticks. a plain cheesecake decorated with glico pokky strawberry & chocolate sticks and Muesa's favourite, Thomas The Tank Engine candle. :) and the yummilicous rich chocolate fudge cake courtesy of Mama Chee, Mel, Lia & Diyana. and not forgetting the really tasty fish otak~otak!

The Whitlocks came and within minutes, the Singapore/Malaysia team arrived too! hehehe... then came Asnah and Izzah and as usual, Asnah brought her very delicious cake and famous putri salat! sedap!!! all the kids that we've not seen for awhile have grown so much. soon they'll be taller than me! ;)

we had a colouring contest for the little ones and it was easy peasy. just to colour Spongebob Squarepants which i'm sure each child could relate too. some had help from their Mummy ;) and some were very enthused in colouring and they certainly look like they had fun picking out yellow mostly!!! hehe...

Auntie Mel (who came late!) was appointed judge for the colouring contest and 1st place went to Muesa, 2nd was Aneesa and 3rd prize went to Faqeha. ok so it seems quite biased but some of the other kids already left by then...hehehe. we had the Build The Mosquito game which was absolutely fun! there were 3 teams and and girls vs boys vs family team. family team had a hard time trying to figure out how to build that mosquito..and had to give up as they had to leave. so it was down to the boys, Ayep & Muesa vs girls, Aysha & Shafikah. the girls won...yayy but their tail was facing down instead of up!!! hehe...but great effort and the challenge created some form of bonding as well. :) when we had the last game, it was only between Ayep & Mel. it was really easy, both managed to complete the word game. they didn't want the cartoon stickers for their prize...haha.

it was indeed a blast! Aysha and Muesa enjoyed their birthday party and of course, they were looking forward to opening their birthday presents. :) they absolutely love everything! they each got a pair of Birkenstock sandals from me..hehe so we could all share them ;)

Thank You Everyone! :)


aidaville said...

You ah ..... did not tell us it was her Birthday on Friday *ggggrrrrr* ! Can check your email cos got a question for you.


clara said...

ya agree with Aida why you never say anything. We shd at least have a birthday cake ma. noty noty!