Monday, May 1, 2006

A~May~Zing Race

oh yes! May challenges has begun and the theme is A~May~Zing Race. already received the rules but not clues yet. my partner is Shemah and hope we'll be able to work together as a team. no fighting, no yelling and Thank Goodness no driving or swimming on this one because i can't do those..hehehe :)

*met Shemah and Agnes at PS. we really went all out on our SB looting! hehe... we zoomed into Spotlight, then to MWL. took the train to Orchard and headed to Laine's at Paragon. the doors were locked but the sign says Welcome. ??? Agnes called the outlet at Wheelock and they said the sales girl probably went to get lunch. she returned, we shopped! hehe...

went to fill our tummies...poor little ones has to follow their Mummies shopping for papers and embellishments!!! :) we headed to Creative Hands and Art Friend. we got more stuff from these two stores. Agnes left...she said she's already spent more than she should! hehe... we went to Kinokuniya, got ourselves magazines and walked happily to Orchard MRT station. said our goodbyes to Shemah as i have an appointment with my cousin Mel.

she was waiting for us at Borders and we went up to Laine's & SDU. i got myself a few more things from both stores. oh dear!!! is hard not to say NO to those items calling out for you!!! ;))) we took the train back to PS where my Aunt was waiting for us. also caught up with Raudha and Abye who also shopped til they dropped at MWL. hope to crop with them one day.

got home, made sure kids are fed, bathed and rested. sat down and uncover my stash for today. woohoo and yippee!!! hehe...happy like a lark i am :) enough shopping for the month of May. i can start with some albums i have in mind with these buys and also with the A~May~Zing Race.*


aidaville said...

Your stash ......your stash ...... photos of your stash ..........*heheh*

clarii said...

Goodness!! Wat a day! A super duper happy day right? :)