Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day :)

made this altered door hanger for my Mum. my very first attempt on a door hanger and i just she'll like it when i present it to her. :) my other attempts on tin boxes usually turns out pretty ugly...hehehe

anyway, we were up by 5am this morning. everyone showered and right after Subuh, we left the house. took a cab to the airport and he drove quite fast! i guess the road being clear of other vehicles, he just went with the speed. well, fast but not that fast though. ;) otherwise i would have to speak up, which i seldom do to cab drivers!

we arrived slightly earlier than expected tourists we walked around at Terminal 2 and took pictures. oh...why not? hehe... we went to the belt where hubby was supposed to come and get his baggage. while waiting, Aysha & Muesa presented me with their gifts to me for Mother's Day. oh wow...that's really sweet of them! they both made their own cards and even though i can tell one was made simple and the other with style, both were absolutely tops for me. :) Muesa gave me stickers and a notebook. Aysha gave me a painted plate which she did herself.

hubby was delayed slightly as one of his item was nowhere to be found. it's his fishing gear in a huge cylindrical case! finally he came out, we all hugged and kissed. we went to McDonald's for breakfast and the story telling began...hehehe. alot of problems dealing with the plant nursery people and he's going to be super busy in the coming months. he's actually only back for 2 days when he leaves for Indonesia next. he'll be there for 5 days, back home again and then off to The Maldives again!

well, we're just glad he's home whenever he's home and that he's well. :)

after they left for Darul, me and my 2 little ones got dressed and went to Far East Plaza. it's my 3rd visit there this week!!! all because of a bag! and i told myself no more buying of bags..hehehe. but hubby said to go get it before i regret it and start thinking or dreaming about it ;) i actually already got the smallest size of this Gap floral camo bag. then Aysha said she'd like the biggest size one. it was the only one left and i took that and somehow, this medium sized one caught my eyes and since today is the last day of the sale being there, i grabbed that one as well! ;) oh dear! 3 bags in a week...all Gap, all the same fabric but in 3 different sizes!!!

hubby will pick up the kids while me and 2 little ones went to meet them at Suntec City. we thought of having dinner at Secret Recipe. oh my goodness! the place is so crowded and of course, being Mother's Day, almost every Singaporean is out celebrating. :) called hubby and told him to pick us up and og somewhere else instead.

we ended up eating at one of our favourite joints. Raffles Banquet. and we ordered our usuals too. ;) after tucking ourselves in, we decided to head on home even when hubby suggested stopping by somewhere else. got home, everyone showered and by 9pm, it was Zzzzzzzzzzzzz for all of us. we started really early this beautiful Sunday morning. it was an exhaustive but a delightful day for all of us. :)

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