Saturday, May 6, 2006

I Voted!

over and done with voting! :) told myself to go in the morning, which i did despite the thunder and heavy rain earlier in the morning. brought my voting paper slip and identity card and walked to the polling station. Thank Goodness there wasn't a long line and after much checking at every point, finally got to the station where they checked my paper and IC once again and marked my name against the long list of names!

the guy handed me a slip of paper and really...calling out my name and wrongly pronouncing it...dang! went to the tiny booth and made my choice. well, someone got my vote and someone didn't. good luck to both parties. couldn't find the ballot box and waved my slip of paper to the officer. she pointed to the very pathetic brown cardboard box sitting all alone on a chair. placed my slip in, followed the arrow towards the exit. only saw one policeman at the polling station. not expecting any disturbance i guess??? hehe...

we'll know the results tonight after the last vote is counted. most will be eagerly awaiting and definitely the parties involved will be sweating bullets! whatever the outcome, i truly hope they'll make life just simple for all of us.

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