Friday, May 5, 2006

What A Friday!

today was sort of a "tired" day. didn't do much since i'm not doing the last challenge for AR. Shemah did a terrific job with her 2 page layout! she's good. :) managed to do a few LOs of the boys and ones of New York. that was pretty much it!

kids are having exams this week and tomorrow being Election Day, they only have school for 3 hours today. it's Math paper today and hopefully they'll read and understand and manage to solve the Math questions. Good Luck to them! :) their school will be the polling station and residents will have to go there to cast their votes. *dang* i'm gonna be there in the morning and hopefully won't have to stand in line for more than an hour!

went to Compass Point in the hopes of doing some banking. no such luck! long lines everywhere!!! is there another issuance of Progress Package that i didn't know of? hehe... anyway, i wasn't going to stand in line and waste precious time. this can be done on another day.

as long as important matters are taken care of, other things can actually wait. and what's important is my kids. they are my priority, my responsibility and my whole life! they also rock my world upside down...almost on a daily basis but hey...i can only complain to myself! hehe...

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