Sunday, June 18, 2006

Great GrandMum

my very first attempt doing a 2 page layout. this is for the sketch challenge and i really enjoyed doing this. glad i took these shots of my Nek Apol with my little ones when she was here in April :)

journalling on this layout reads

My Little Ones are very lucky
to get to know my GrandMother
their Great GrandMum.

She's beautiful, lovely, kind
and warm.

As most Great GrandMums do
She sang them a lullably or two
She made her Great GrandKids
little pillows and bolsters
Those little things will Always
remind us of Her.

*Saturday's Shopping*
actually planned to stay home and try to do more layouts. but after finishing Great GrandMum, ink from pen ran out and what a great excuse to go out to shop!!! hehehe...

brought kids to Takashimaya where i got my pen from Art Friend. also mod podge was in stock so bought that as well. that thing runs out pretty fast! met Clara and Sara who was shopping too :) popped into Creative Hands as well and got a few more cardstocks.

as usual, weekend lunches is at any one of the fast food outlet! *not healthy!* the pretty Manager from McDonald's already recognises us...regulars??? hehe... she called her staff to get us a seat and to take our orders as well. i felt a little embarassed to receive such pleasant treatment but happy of course. feels good :)))

when our order arrived, i noticed something extra on our tray. she came over to let me know that the ice~cream is for us :) a little while later, another staff came over with the Lion stuffed toy & Lion keychain that they were promoting during the World Cup. she said they are for my kids from her Manager. what a sweet surprise! i tried to catch a glimpse of her and smiled and mouthed the words Thank You. and after we finished, I looked for her to Thank her again :)

what a great day!

*Happy Father's Day to All Daddies, Abah, Ayah, Papa, Bapak!*

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