Sunday, June 4, 2006

Mission Possible

haven't been online for 2 days. haven't been scrapping since we got back from the Kampong. have been busy with my kids... and also trying to sort certain things around the house. this home of mine is liveable but the amount of stuff we collect!!! :)))

but i did manage to scrap a little this morning and trying to get back into the groovie side of me! hehe...yeah right. been out and about as well since it's the Great Singapore Sale. nothing much really...i'm just thinking of getting books for the little ones back at the Kampong. Dad called to say he's going back there today but i haven't got the things ready yet. i see alot of toys around the house that i can give to them. toys that were bought and played with only once or twice by my own children!!! see how they appreciate things? hmmm...

we are truly blessed and i am so very sure everyone else in the world is too. we each live our own lives the way we are comfortable with. we can't pick and choose, but i believe we can make a difference. i may not be doing much comparing to others...i just want to do my bit. i'm gathering easy to read children's books from our own personal collection and will go to the book fair later to get some more reading materials.

i met a few ladies there too and some are of my size so i can definitely pass some of my own things to them. i cannot believe the piles of clothings i have myself! i am one person who owns that of 3 to 4 people!!! why can't i just wear something until it's worn out??? because... i'm just living in the material world, that's why!

anyway, promised my kids to take the new bus that's available at our route. go for a bus ride and see the sights... perhaps go to the Book Fair and see how it goes. we still have 3 more weeks of holidays. glad these kids of mine aren't asking to take them to the latest movies or watch the LIVE kiddie shows or whatever. they're quite happy to stay home and watch TV or play games:) while their Umie nags at them!!! hehehe...

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