Thursday, June 1, 2006

1st Day of June!

oh wow! we're already in the 6th month of the year and 6 more months to go when another year comes our way!

still a little tired from our trip but went to meet Shemah for lunch in town today. had some goodies for her kids and also to split our RAK prize that we won from the A~May~Zing Race ;) Jess also RAK~ed me some nice stuff. Thanks Jess! :) more papers to scrap with now.

we popped by Laine's to check out new stuff. they brought in the 7gypsies tags and papers and other items. didn't really want to get anymore papers but...unable to resist! ugh...and i haven't even touched those that i bought from Jane! i'll have to sort them all out and perhaps will RAK some. Aysha would also help herself so i'm really hoping it wouldn't really be a waste.

Good News
hubby sent text message saying he'll be home earlier than scheduled. yayy! maybe we could get him to take us back to the Kampong ;)

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