Friday, December 29, 2006

A Little Sunshine

so happy to see some sunlight this morning. been missing my little hummingbirds that come to visit us almost every morning. but due to the wet weather, we've missed them.

brought my kids to Suntec City this afternoon. yes...another day out! but this time we shopped for school shoes and decided to get a brother P Touch label printer for kids to use. just type, print & label their books and other stuff :)

hubby called. he says that it's wukuf in Arafah today. since it falls on a Friday, this year is Haji Akbar. pilgrims are very lucky to have wukuf fall on a Friday :)

well, im still working on the birthday album and have to get some layouts done for January. it'll get done. it's just that the last days of 2006 is keeping me occupied with the sales going on everywhere!!! hehe...

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