Sunday, December 31, 2006

Waving Goodbye To 2006

it's been a wonderful year, really great for me personally :D and baby news either from me! hehe... ok, better not speak too soon eh? *wink*

anyway, we're spending the last day of 2006 at home. just me and kids. hubby called earlier to wish us Happy 2007. not much going on over at the Maldives but room occupancy is 100%! they'll be going for a surprise fishing celebration...whatever that is hehe :D

went to my Mum's this morning. we had chicken rendang and corned beef. what a combination! yummy as usual and due to the non existent of vegggies and upon request, i got cut up tomatoes instead..hehe ;) i'm enjoying the teh tarik, desserts and everything laid out on the table too much! my brother J came to send the mutton meat and also brother Eddy brought his home cooked ayam lemak! yowza! definitely have to begin dieting first thing in 2007! hehehe...

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