Friday, December 8, 2006

I'm Home!!! :D

it's always good to be away for a family vacation and most definitely better to be home sweet home! :D although there's this pile of laundry to do and cleaning up... *so not looking forward to that!* passed by my scrap table and ughh.... too exhausted to think of scrapping as well.

after some 20 hours of being cooped up in a car and poor hubby doing all that driving, we all just need to recuperate! big time! hehe...

anyways, the trip was funtastic and everyone had a marvellous time. we stayed at the Casuarina Beach Resort which will be closing down soon. it'll be turned to the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, Penang. perhaps we'll go back there when it's ready in 2 years :) after 4 days of driving up and down the hairpin hills of Penang, we made a stop over in KL and stayed overnight over at Hairun's in Subang. just visiting them since we were driving down that way and catching up before they leave for Hajj. the next morning we left early for Malacca. spent the day there going to the tourist spots and checking out the new mall. we had a yummy lunch at Kluang Station (i think). it's a small cafe that serves really nice mee siam, nasi lemak, kaya toast and many other varieties. sedap! :D

*will post photos soon. alot of emails to catch up with and i'm not in the final challenge at ScrapLove. well, i had fun all those weeks and looking forward to many more*

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