Sunday, December 10, 2006

10th Day of December

Anis will turn 2 in 15 days! wow! it'll be Christmas, then New Year's eve & come year 2007!

have been recuperating and trying to get laundry done. haven't really been going out since we got back. only been to the supermarket for groceries, photo shop to get digital images developed and collecting my parcel from the post office *wink* watche
d alot of movies with my kids on cable tv!

went to visit my Aunt at the hospital yesterday. stopped by for pizza at Sarpino's :D New York Deli pizza...yum~yum. went home and got started on my scrapbooking! what else?

managed to complete altering a clipboard last night and did some final work this morning. presenting my altered clipboard for About ScrapBooking :)Everything can be clipped onto the clipboard :D

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