Monday, January 1, 2007

January 1st, 2007

ahh...what a lovely day! enjoying it all today :D

Nayli & Syaurah came for their scrapbooking lessons this morning. they've been wanting to scrap since the school holidays but there's always something that would come up and we had to keep postponing until today! they managed to complete 2 layouts each, very simple and
they're picking up pretty fast. especially Nayli! and they have a liking for the colour purple :)

Syaurah's LOs with help from Aysha :D
Nayli's LayOutsgave them a kit each to bring home and also a simple 2 page mini album. hopefully they'll be inspired to scrap when they're home. also trying to rope in Ros, their Mum to start scrapping! *wink*

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