Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

welcome to our humble kampong :D
i was supposed to bake my roast chicken & meepok to bring to my in~laws but i just didn't have the time. the night before Aysha baked her cupcakes and all i could do today was put the frostings on and that's just it. anyway, everyone loved our cupcakes! :D

everyone gathered at my parents in~law's and exchanged Red packets for Good Luck :) i hung out with my nieces and nephews and it turned out, almost everyone of us have the same handphone like the new one i got. Ee Ming taught me a little bit more about the phone features and we also exchanged the music we had in our mp3 :)

at Mama's & Kong Kong
Cousins hanging out
at Auntie & Uncle's we came here for Rawa Thosai
delicious! what you'll get when you come over to our place :)

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