Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Will Be Missed Z

Dear Z

I've known you since we were both 13. we were pretty close and we spent alot of time together doing silly things that teenagers do and even though after we grew apart as we got older, we did stay in touch. but that was many years back. perhaps i wasn't really a good friend to you. your sister would always ask for me whenever she meets my Mum. knowing our history, my Mum would say i'm busy with my kids and blah blah blah...

i went to see your sis yesterday along with Shikin. we wanted to give her hugs and our condolences. she's the best person to ask what truly happened. and now that we know, i will always have you in my prayers and in my mind. i know that for sure. i'm so sorry Z...but God Loves You so much more and you will be safe now until eternity.

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