Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Really Lovely Sunday :)

met my *older sisters* Salina, Mia & Aliyah for lunch today. it was utterly fun! haven't seen them for almost over a year and everyone is still looking good! :D everyone's still gorgeous and i've known them since i was 16! it's really wonderful to have lifelong friends like them and God Willing we'll always be. these shots were taken at Earl @ Swensen's Restaurant. the salad bar lunch was great. not only that, we had ice~cream at Ben & Jerry's and proceeded to Starbucks for coffee. not a good day to be on a diet..hehe *wink*

Pretty Girls having fun with art after saying our goodbyes on the train, me and kids went home and changed and went out for dinner with hubby and our other kids! hehe... another round of eating! :D we went to Mad Jack's and had Quiche, Fish & Chips and Grilled Lamb & Chicken and to top it off, Spicy Fries with Cheese and Mayonnaise!!!
i am full to the rim!!!

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