Monday, February 12, 2007

What's On Your Scrap Table?

mine's a load of mess!!! sometimes i don't see the point of clearing it up because i'd get it messy again... but i'm supposed to be showing a good example to my kids in terms of being neat and tidy..hehe :D not doing so great am i?

anyhoo, got 2 layouts done today. *yayy* between chatting with Stef, cooking, laundry and ironing and the daily vacuuming...i managed to get 2 done! phew :D somehow i am slacking on my reading though. i have books. they're all waiting for me to be read! shall i wait for the movie??? hehehe... ok enough of my mutterings.

these are layouts i did the past few days. all from January's Poppy Ink kit.

You, I Love
My Little Angel
No 2 & 4


Laurie & Chris said...

Very cute layouts. Have been getting alot done latley!

Edleen said...

Thanks L & C! :D