Thursday, February 22, 2007

Super Tired Umie

been spending too much time being out and about and shopping and eating! the Chinese New Year break just broke the routine i'm used to and i've become so lazy...thus no inspiration to scrap at all!

yesterday our friends from KL came to visit. earlier in the day i was out with Shikin to visit Z's sister. i'm still saddened by what happened to Z thus having this lingering feeling at times. and after we had lunch, Shikin drove me to Orchard Road where they were waiting for me. we spent the whole afternoon in town just browsing through the Post CNY sales. there were some good buys and i have a few things i'm eye~ing to get from Tangs. there were just too many people shopping and the line to try an outfit ...outrageous! and when you want to pay at the cashier, another long bee line!!! so, will be back to Tangs in a few days *wink*

we went back to my place for some cookies and cakes and relaxation. called hubby to get dinner for everyone on his way home. our kids enjoy each other's company and they get along really well. these are my friends whom i met in London and they even named their daughter after me :D we've been through alot together since way back and we're just like family now. always good to have friends, always good to treasure them.

anyway, made this card for them and i'm so glad they like it! :)

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