Monday, March 26, 2007

Leaving On The Next Flight To Maldives...

his bags are packed and he's bringing boxes filled with requests from the locals in Maldives :) and fishing stuffs of course! and then there'll be those Singaporeans who'd ask him to get Big Macs too! i guess they miss fast food when they've been living on an Island Resort for too long..:D

it's the usual Monday, back to school and back to work for some. rained a little this morning but it's pretty cool now. weather in Singapore is totally unpredictable. but it's really not that bad. caught The Amazing Race this morning too :) and as usual for me, it's the daily dealings with my Terrible Two Year Old!!! super cranky today and all he has to do is Scream and he thinks he'll get his way! not with me Little One! *wink*

anyway, he's napping now and Peace, yes Peace in this cluttered little home of ours! :D there's
tricycles in the living room, in the bedroom, toys strewn all over the carpeted floors and if you're'll step on something!!! good thing we live a kampong environment so the mess blends in with the decor!!! hehe...

got 2 Layouts done this morning too! woohoo...despite all the complaining above!!! :D
these 2 Layouts from Feb's Poppy Ink Kit.
Anytime Food
for Asian Dare #4
i drew and doodled the chat balloons
Enjoy! :)

failed to upload this the other day...
one i did at the Crop
and one of Deedah :)

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

you're always so productive! great layouts Ed :)