Sunday, March 25, 2007

Family Time

Breakfast At Jalan Kayu
hubby got the lorry again and this morning we went to our favourite breakfast joint (dinner too).

i believe the Indian Prata is the most
popular breakfast eaten by most Singaporeans. tastes great with any curry, sugar and even milk!!! but wouldn't go as far as having prata with ice~cream though...

had tissue prata which looks like Robin Hood's hat..hehe. very thin and crispy and yummy! and of course i had to have my teh tarik. even though i still think my Mum's is THE best *wink*

Ron's leaving for Maldives on Monday and it's the usual that we'd spend time together. just made Nasi Lemak for our family dinner so it's dining in tonight :)just discovered that there's a Piccadilly Circus in our neighbourhood. also a golf course and very lovely black and white houses. it's nice to have any transportation to take us where we want to go. but then again, i still enjoy our very reliable buses and trains :)

Back To Scrapping
Rebecca wants our Design Team to submit one layout with the April sketches she did. might as well get it done now. i tried sticking to the sketch but it got lost along the way!!! :D but i believe it'll be approved *wink*

also did my layout for the next Dare for DDT. i know what i wanted to do and got my Batik and got working and i like what i did! i hope it'll pass. it's totally Batik~licious?!!! :)

and 2 more from {Oh Simple Things!} kit. alot of cutting work but it's fun. i like! and one for Groovie Girl Yati. hope she'll like it :)
Nite Nite Princess
Aneesa was 2 in this photo.
she wouldn't go home and wanted
to stay with me at the hospital.
Christmas 2004
when Little Anis was born :)
Yati Little Anis is 27 months today! :D

and just got an email from Robin telling me my
Beautiful Girl is their Pick Of The Week! woohoo!!!

Moments To Remember


~Sasha Farina~ said...

lovely layouts Ed! and yummmm... prata :D

asydin said...


wat a plesant surprise!!!

I love it!! I don't have many LO of myself u know...

Edleen said...

Thanks Sasha!
we ought to go for prata and teh tarik yeah :)

Glad you like it Yati! :D