Saturday, March 3, 2007

Riding In The Wind *Wink*

Ron and i did talk about taking road trips on our own when our kids are much older and when they're much more independent. didn't think it would happen so soon! :D well, we only went in to JB, our neighbouring Malaysia across the causeway. me and my hubby on his little scooter. what a sight we must be! hehe... and how's
that <<== looking like Miss Penelope Pitstop? hehe...ok ok the Asian version ;)

anyway, he wanted to get some stuff before he leaves for his trip. Maldives or the idea where to next. could be Bali too. it's nice to have some couple moments. although i kept thinking of my little ones at home *wink* we just went to the malls nearby and today's currency exchange rate wasn't too shabby @ $227 Ringgit.

we had a little lunch at Laksa Shack. they had a variety of Laksa dishes coming from Penang, Malacca and even Singapore. didn't feel like having Laksa and had Briyani Ayam Masak Merah instead. yum~o! :D

went to the little supermarket and got some snacks for our kids and then headed home. Thankfully it didn't rain though it started to drizzle a little on the way to Jalan Kayu. we popped by for teh tarik *wink* and also
bought lunch for kids. they were so happy to see us. the looks on their faces, priceless!!!

you like? =======>>>>>

Scrap Story
very happy to complete my mini album with HOTP papers. they're so cool! also did two more cards from my sketch and card making is growing on me! :D

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