Friday, March 2, 2007

Sunshine And Rain And Good Company :)

it's great! sun shining through and birds are chirping :) rainy days are fine too but more sappy than cheery..hehe. need to get some housework done too *wink*

went to meet some of my "Groovie" Girls today and we had fun. since we're meeting, passed along my Groovie Java kit which they ordered. didn't spend too much at our local SB stores today :D although someone went about 5 rounds within the store and took such a long time to pick and choose! hehe... but that's how we are, aren't we? presented Yati with her RAK prize and hope she likes them.

and what's a meeting of chatty women without having snacks? Plaza Singapura has just too many cafes and restaurants and fast food joints! we picked one, kids had their fun and so did we. next stop was Spotlight and to everyone's favourite $2 store, Daiso. boy, everything you pick up there, big or small it's all worth one value. they brought in some cheeseboards and of course, Yati grabbed the last two pieces left! *wink*

it rained in the afternoon. but what's a little rain eh? it's all good.

on another chirpy note, my little girl was given a colouring pencil set by her pre~school teacher today.

me: did everyone get the colouring set?

Aneesa: no Mummy. only me.

me: oh, how come???

Aneesa: because i can spell my name.

hehehe...Thankfully our kids have short names and easy to spell huh? :D

and my older son has been getting Wow and Amazing sentiments from his teacher for his spelling tests. since school started in January, he hasn't got a word spelled wrongly. so proud of him! although he has to buck up in his Math...*dreaded*

i've a card on my table that needs finishing touches and a few more layouts to submit. i am anxiously awaiting for the next Dare so i can get it done quickly! a few emails to respond to and orders to process. i'm so grateful and Thankful. and it's just great to be surrounded with a supportive husband and kids and family and genuine friends who would not turn around and bite you from behind. like Sasha's layout that she did of us which says, Friend.Good. that's what it's all about. no need to be petty and catty...meow! *wink*

and Aida, i sure love that altered project you're coming up with! it's awesome!!!

and Thank God It's Friday!

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