Saturday, March 24, 2007

Splendid Saturday

it was a fun day! especially for the little ones. we went to Adam's 1st Birthday party. look at the Birthday cake and those yummy Cupcakes! one word, Yummy! :)

the food spread was delicious. how many rounds did we make Yati? and not only that, we were given some to bring home too...hehe, Thanks Wati. please tell the cook that the food was so delish!

while the little ones enjoyed themselves, we ate..and ate and checked out Wati's scrapbooking stash! and wow...she's got alot of stamps! now gotta go find that Groovie Apartment for all of us to apply and move in to! *wink*

Thanks for a fun day Wati and lovely goodie bags!
Thanks Yati for showing us the way back to the MRT


WatiBasri said...

Ed, it was nice to have you and Yati at Adam's party. Glad that u guys had a grt time :)

asydin said...

we definitely did Wati!!