Thursday, April 26, 2007

Aren't They Pretty?

Big Momma's CupcakesOur very own Celebrity Cupcake Momma Ratna and Aida.
and that's Laurenne behind the scene! :)
More Cupcakes
They're Undeniably Yummy!
Waited for an hour for this
super delish Mushroom Soup :)

Thanks Malee! *Sedap*
and these kids are even prettier and adorable!
i watched American Idol Gives Back concert three times today *weep weep*
this song by Carrie Underwood totally touched me.
she did a fabulous rendition of this song originally by
Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders.

I'll Stand By You


Aida Haron said...

Great photos !! Missed AI, sooooo penat yesterday ....

Cupcake said...

OOohh....Ed, you gonna be around next Thursday? I'm going to make my way there again *heeee*


Hey, Edleen! It's totally ok linking my blog here. I'll do the same about yours, ok?
God bless you!
Woohoo, one more blog to visit!

Edleen said...

Thanks Aida :)
you must be tired from your class yeah! but you're a great Teacher :)

Edleen said...

Cupcake Momma!
you're hooked right? *wink*
ok, hopefully we'll meet up again.

Edleen said...

woohoo Natalia!
Thanks for popping by :)
i've added you and i enjoy looking at your work :)