Saturday, April 28, 2007

Voyage Adventurers

that's us, the Q family :) although i don't think we're really searching for the treasure of darkness! *wink*

it's a new t~shirt i picked up at the mall today. i thought it was cool and *yayy*...i'm still a size M :))) my 12 year old got one for herself too but a different design. the prints remind me of that episode on CSI:NY where they had the t~shirts mystery. Edward Furlong was in that one. he escaped... so there's a continuation i'm sure...

we just had our very first Groovie Stash Sale and after a week, it went pretty smoothly and it was fun! i'm gathering and packing the items sold and hopefully will send them out soon. :)

anyway, so glad i finished my layouts with the kits for May and July :D Rebecca got it and she's happy, i'm happy! and the kits are just so yummy. anyway, after DT assignments were done, i did 2 more with papers i've hoarded for awhile now. *wink* i am such a hoarder!

April 12th
photo taken on Ron's birthday.
me and kids celebrated even though he wasn't home.
Carefree Dude
he really is! :)
love you my handsome dude!

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