Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Food

the last time i bought baby food was about err...a year and a half ago? gosh. my Dear Old Dad needed me to recommend what's good for my little adopted baby sister. my stepMum is still afraid of giving her any food besides milk. so i bought her what i gave my little ones before and hopefully it'll be ok for my little sis. and hopefully no allergies please.

we're planning to visit her very soon.
can't wait to meet her! :D

and i thought of Coulibaly today when i watched American Idol. the part where Ryan & Simon went to visit Africa. i wonder if Coulibaly received my package i sent last year. he asked for medicine and whatever i could give to help the little kids in Ivory Coast. *long Story* hope he'll try to contact me soon...God Willing.

today was good. did almost 4 still on my table :) and the usual suspects on my pages, my kids :D

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