Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday News

received another email from JH and yay...she'll be picking her favourite and she also wants my latest BamPop layout at their gallery :D

met Jenn and Liza for lunch @ MWL this afternoon. we actually had a cropmeet today but cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. but since some of us already took leave for today and me getting time off from Mummy duty, we got together for a little bit anyway.

Thanks to Malee for entertaining my requests. he must be rolling his eyes whenever he thinks of Ed's silly wants in her food!!! hehe... but knowing that the store isn't busy, i know when to be a little child *wink* Thanks for lunch Liza! :)

somehow Jenn managed to crop! she did this layout under 4 hours. brilliant idea to cut out those design and making them like wings :)

*Removed For Publication*

we left for Laine's after. from one LSS to another! some boxes came in when we got there and yum! managed to grab some stuff from Around The Block and KI Memories :) if i didn't grab what i wanted, i'm sure by the end of the week most of them will be gone! and i know Miss Wati who visits them almost daily would be one of the grabbers!!! :D *grab extra for us Wati*

we took a cab home and Jenn dropped me off as she had to pick up her Nat at her mother~in~law's. Thanks Jenn for dessert and cab ride home :)

my little ones were enjoying themselves riding on their bikes when i got home. it's awesome when the younger ones would scream out for me and hug me! ahh..must go out often to receive more of those kind of reception! *wink* don't get those as much being a Stay At Home Mum!

also finished one layout and due to the bulky Prima, scanning wasn't so good. but it's mostly brown and i made my own journalling tag too! :)

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