Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Little Quieter This Side of The Neighbourhood

this time yesterday, i had no chance at all to be on my computer! my little ones were cranky and were very demanding!!! and unfortunately for them, i was cranky too...*wink* anyway, my little ones are fast asleep now and in their own little dreamland. i hope they'll have really sweet dreams :)

we played truant today. yup...we did. i just felt that we needed a break today. have a fun day after me being horrid to them last night...in other words, i felt guilty!!!

we went to my Mum's. we had lunch, they played with Boy the Cat and i still ate lunch hehe...

Mummy's Assam Rebus
Ladies Fingers and Tomatoes Sour Soup
Yummy!Enjoying her Rice & Soup :)
making sure it's not too hot... after lunch, Uncle Sonny drove us to the new Ikea at Tampines.
we didn't actually go there. took this shot from Giant :) Beautiful Mummy :)we spent about an hour there and bought some things and took a cab home. Mum bought Mee Bakso from the newly owned food stall at her place.
i ate yet again!!! urgh...was so full...

said goodbye to Mum and went home to my older kids :)
Muesa proudly showed me his spelling test. and i'm so proud of my son!

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