Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Warm Wednesday!

the weather has been really warm lately. not complaining too much because i can get the laundry done :) managed to get some ironing done as well and as usual, toys are everywhere!!! this little boy has to learn how to keep his toys after he's done playing. which only takes him 5 minutes of entertainment and then off to grab something else to play with...

my April Poppy Ink kit arrived about 3 days ago and i'm just starting with the March kit!!! ;) loving the RockStar theme and managed to get 4 done. Rock On! :D

Climb High
Look At Me
My Precious
i'm very Thankful to be Blessed with 4 Wonderful Children. i'm pleased we've bonded so well thus far in their little lives. they're all growing up so fast too! i mean, look at Little Aneesa in the last layout. gosh, she was so tiny then and looking at her now, i truly Thank God for all that he's given me. :)

and to share a piece of good news...
will have to wait until it's "share~able"...hehe

and do take a moment to never know what will happen next.
sending my prayers to our friends in the US who lost their love ones in the recent incident. it must be a difficult time for the ones affected and May God Bless.

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