Monday, July 23, 2007

Little Munchkins

some of us gathered @ my place and we also went to TVC for a preview of their new arrivals :) the Technique Tuesday stamps, Yummy! although we pondered about them and it was a long session of pondering! hehe... got the butterfly stamp for Deedah as requested. it's gorgeous!

so after we finally made our purchase, we decided to take a slow walk out to Jalan Kayu for our teh tarik & prata session. we saw a yellow mini bus and waved...hehe. Thank You Uncle of Yellow Bus for picking us up and giving us a free lift! woohoo! :D that was nice of him. we need more people like him *wink*

we came back to my place and hung out while Stephanie cropped and we rambled on about what else, Scrapbooking! and while we were doing that, our Little Munchkins entertained themselves :)

Anis, Aneesa, Aloysia. Laurenne, Sarrah
Thanks Stephanie for this lovely bag! :)

managed to get one page done on Sunday morning :)
doodled frame and little birdie. when girls are usually called Natural Beauty, i'm calling this one, Natural Handsome :)

a Desperate Housewife on honeymoon with basketball player husband in the Caribbean *wink*


another week to capture and grasp moments of
Joy and Laughter
spending time with my sons and daughters
meeting friends and having fun
keep it simple and be Happy, Everyone :)


Wati Basri said...

woohoo..yr DH saw a celebriti!! love that desperate housewife lady....
hv a gd wk ahead :)


Love the LO and the bag (with my favorite colors :D)
Oh, your kids are soooo cute!
I adore them!

Aida Haron said...

OOOOOhh, is she pretty real life ??? Petite in real life ???

Sounded like a fun Sunday ** :D **

Edleen said...

Thanks Wati, Nati and Aida :)

Aida, according to him, she's petite (yes!) and he's tall! hehe..

and i don't know why but he chuckled seeing her riding a bicycle! hehehe...

and yes, there was paparazzi.
they were in disguise *wink*