Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thank You

to Kak Mas, for believing in me :) she wanted me to do 3 altered wooden door hangers and with some specifications, i did it! although i apologise that it took me longer than i thought it would! it takes me longer to alter things than coming out with a layout! *wink*
Huge Thanks to Aida!
i love this mini cheque book album you did of my kids! i'm just Wowed by your creativity and wonderful talent. appreciate this so much :) Aida's album is also a project made with Buzz & Bloom's products :) do check out the website and Aida's gallery there.

Today's Mutterings
Muesa's friend Kirby has a birthday party. so brought my little ones to VivoCity to shop for a present. ok so we didn't buy a present because Muesa couldn't find one that Kirby would like...???

but i found something for myself that i like! :D guess what Zara brought in?

i bought Mr Happy!

i guess Mr Men & Little Miss are making a come back! :) it's great how many things that was from the past are coming back into the limelight. doesn't make me feel so old~fashioned...hehehe somehow it makes me "hip" especially with my 12yr old who is now fascinated with the latest trends! and of course i'm just too happy to be able to share. best thing with us, we can share some of our tees too *wink*

also went to the newly opened Spanish corner with stores carrying brands from Spain. Aneesa having fun with a Chupa Chup pillow :D

so after we left VivoCity, went home and took a short nap before leaving to Kirby's place @ Seletar Hills. initially i thought of dropping Muesa off and return later to pick him up. but Kirby's parents made us stay. the boys had fun. me, i watched a Hong Kong gangster comedy movie! hehe... am not complaining. the actors were yummy! :D
Muesa and Kirby

Happy Birthday Kirby!

and last but not least, one layout i did this morning before we left for VivoCity :D
using new Scenic Route papers, 7Gs pp and my new stamp from Cat's Life Press Stamps :)

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