Monday, July 30, 2007

A Pleasant Weekend :)

attended class @ Laine's for the first time. it was the no Patterned Paper class. it was fun especially when seated next to Groovie Girls! *wink* so i did not complete my first layout during class but here it is, after 2 days...
My Love
a lot of stamping on here.
design on transparency is my own :)

New Happy Stuff :D
this Hedgren Bag just caught my eye and as they say,
the rest is History! hehe...


met my "twin" Rena and brought her to MWL for our lunch date. Chenta served us the food we ordered and of course, they're all Yummy! i've a new fave drink, ice~blended Mocha. no more Hazelnut Latte for the time being *wink*

Rena came back to our place and stayed until Ugly Betty ended. it's always great having a friend over. and Rena, you Rock! don't forget that :) and let me know when you are leaving for Spain!!! i want to come along...

Monday Morning Breakfast
a local Malay delicacy called Kueh Lopis.
it's glutinous rice with grated coconut and
soaked in Gula Melaka! (sugar)
can be eaten at any time of the day!

it's now Monday afternoon and the weather is nice and breezy :) waiting for Deedah to come over for a crop. another fun day with a friend and of course, my kids! hehe...


Stephanie Mah said...

Ed, love your new 12 x 12 LO.:)



Oh my God, Ed!
What a such amazing page!
Love the transparency effect!

Aida Haron said...

Love all the LOs, gorgeous and the *no paper* LO looks anazingly fun !!! Wish I can join the onter Laine's class but on a school day I dare not make any plans ...

NoraHata said...

ooh...i love that page!!! So boy and great work with the trans!!!