Friday, July 27, 2007

Today Was Great

Good Morning Singapore!
took this shot this morning at about 9am after sending Little Anis to playschool. the sun was coming out finally. the past week has seen rather gloomy weather and it rained almost everyday. it rained again later though. but still, i was Happy to catch a glimpse of the sun :)

we always pass this tree and now it's flowering! how pretty these yellow flowers are! :)
and this little Shrek cutie with her Dora bag and paper doll! :D

in my kitchen, there's a Little Tikes picnic table where they can sit down and have their snacks and drinks. Aneesa calls it, Umie's Cafe :D and here they always sit everyday while waiting for me to prepare their breakfast and lunch.

last night i couldn't wait to get my hands on those Elsie papers and instead of using the really colourful ones, i just find the plain one agreeable with the Hambly *wink*
Twinkly Eyes
Scootin Around
i had fun doing this page :)
i doodled and not the new Elsie paper but just
love this Travel collection!
Sylvester Stallone & family on vacation *wink*
LIVE report from The Caribbean.
anyone wants autograph of Rambo or Rocky? hehe...

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Stephanie Mah said...

As always, lovely shots of Aneesa & Anis & gorgeous LOs.:) :)

Sharmaine said...

love the layouts Ed!!! Yumm to Hambly! Thanks for the shop for the Elsie stuff, off to browse and drool!!! Also thanks for the sweet offer, hope to buy some with a friend and save on shipping!
Have a wondeful weeekend

Edleen said...

Thanks Stephanie! :)

Thanks Sharmaine!
please don't mention it, we help each other out *wink*
hope you'll get your hands on them soon :)

Happy Weekend!