Thursday, July 19, 2007

What Inspires You?

saw this cute little rainbow of Love when i was out with my kids @ Suntec City. now it's sitting on my scrap table and another addition to give me some inspiration :)

but of course, the big blue sky outside my window is the best and nothing can top that!

and you also get a glimpse of how messy my scrap table is! *blushing* did a mini project last night and needs finishing touches soon before i can "hand it in" *wink*

oh ok, i've been reminded that i have to "award" the Rockin' Girl Blogger to 5 girlfriends. i shall get back to that when i am home later from my day with friends at our LSS :D


Jenn Tan said...

such cute little rainbow of love...

btw, you have been tagged... do check out my blog...

dana said...

OMG! Your "fantastic Four" are soooo cute!!! Thanks for the "Drew" luv on my baby girl. How is it w/ 4 of the little buggers? :D

Edleen said...

Thanks Jenn :)
tag? hehe... i'll try *wink*

Edleen said...

Hi Dana!

Thanks :) my 4? they're keeping me insane and sane at the same time *wink*

but Life is Great with them :)
your Baby Girl is just the cutest!