Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Cupcake Day!

baked by my Sweetheart :)
and frosting by me, which was the easy part! *wink*
she baked some to share with her friends in school :)
this morning...
beautiful sunshine :)

A Groovie Morning
i decided to take my little ones out in the am and just thought it'd be fun to get to the stores when it's just "freshly" opened and there's not too many people about and just enjoy! went to Spotlight first and was browsing at the Scrapbook isle and then Sal spotted me! :) we shopped and i got myself some nice wood mounted stamps and these... aren't they pretty? not sure what i'll be doing with these fabrics but just love the prints! :D

Things That Makes Me Happy
aren't they the cutest little thing?
Buzz & Woody on cobblestones...

on wooden planks :D

Chick Hicks in the dessert

all cars were treated with love and care during the photoshoot *wink*
location: our balcony garden :)

More Happy Things
warm cupcake, vanilla ice~cream, yummy cookies with nuts and fresh strawberries. my very own creation :D

The Most Important Ones to be Happy About
i had a Groovie Day!
hope you did too :)

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