Friday, August 3, 2007


my Little Birdies... :D
ahh... fell in love with this
bowl the moment i saw it.
cheery isn't it when filled with colourful buttons!

{Create} Make It Happen
this month's theme is Red and White.
come join us and play along! :)
Friday is still young over here :) but i'm feeling old!!! waa waa!!! :D am a little sleepy but little 2 year old is still driving his Little Tikes car around the house making sounds and noises that would only make me say, "Sssshhhhh..."

he's at that age, as they say, the Terrible Twos. but he's adorable when he's just being his cute self :) now the temper tantrums, that i can't tolerate... but i went through 3 kids before this one and i am just Thankful that all my kids are good kids and i feel for parents who has a child or children with Autism. i watched the topic about Autism on Oprah this afternoon and i can only feel the sobs coming out seeing how tough it is for the parents. and the child and their siblings... and that's why at {Create} we support Autism.

Caribbean Calling
so nice to hear the hubby calling and being mushy. *yucks*? he'll be home soon. *yayy* as usual, the next stop will be London for about a day and a half which means shopping for moi please, Thank You :D he's already asked for my shopping list *wink* and i heard Michael Bolton in there somewhere but not asking any further. that's how interested i am...hehehe

Little Birdie Giveaway
if you like my EDoodles birdie, i'll send a strip to the first 3 that pops by here :)
and meanwhile, have a Fun Friday and a great weekend!

and before i go, this is for Everyone...



Hi, my dear!
Before anything... I LOVE GREEN!! And of course, I loved the bowl! =P

Stephanie Mah said...

Lovely LO. and love ur new green bowl.:)

Am i entitled the strip of birdies.LOL.........

Have a great wkends.:)

Wati Basri said...

love the doodle!! hehehehe

Edleen said...

Thanks Girls! :)

and hey, i'm sending you Little EDoodles Birdies your way! *wink*