Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quiet Sunday

woke up to this gorgeous scenery this morning...

i got some time to scrap this morning :) kids had french toasts for breakfast and they were happy. then my Mum called to tell me that my nephew has been hospitalised.... :( he couldn't get up and walk on Saturday morning. that bouncy little boy and always full of energy little guy is now confined to bed.

so gathered my kids, got them to shower and change and we went to KK Hospital.
when we got there, poor little Aqil covered his face with a pillow and i wasn't sure that was him at first! still being cheeky even in his condition. that's little kids for you :D but poor little thing had both legs in a cast and raised. my brother E was told by the Doctor that he needed to be x~rayed and scanned. they will know the results by Monday morning.

of course it's worrying and even though he was still smiling and joking around, i know seeing him like that my brother and his wife are scared. they stayed with him all night and hasn't gone home. i'd do the same too.

after seeing my older kids off to Sunday school, my little ones and i took the bus home. somehow, halfway through the ride, i suddenly felt shivers, nauseous and a huge headache. oh my gosh... all i prayed for at that moment was for the bus to get us home quickly! we got off and i carried my sleeping boy and stroller with Aneesa in tow and rushed home.

told them to lay down with me so we could all take a nap together.

not feeling so great even after my nap. i woke up to little ones giggling and calling me. it isn't fun being sick :( because my kids will get affected :( i can't take care of them but i have to. Thankfully my older ones are big enough to help me, Thank God.

hope i'll feel better by tomorrow. it must be a bug going around...

Saturday Afternoon
just wanted to mention that i had a great time! Aida came to my place with yummy local kuehs and then Stephanie too. she brought goodies for my little ones :) Thanks Girls! we then met Deedah and took a cab to TVC.

it's their 1st Anniversary Sale and we had a blast shopping! hehe... remember the last time the yellow bus Uncle stopped and gave us a lift? and i was just telling Aida about him and he appeared! he stopped and picked us up! he's sooooo nice to give us a lift :) what a kind Uncle!

as usual, our teh tarik session was great fun. this time we ordered no prata. instead it was tomyum, fried rice and mee goreng :D yummy! even if the food didn't taste great, but it did *wink* but the company was absolutely best. Thanks to Augs, Aida's hubby for giving us a lift back to my place :)

Stephanie and Deedah stayed to check out their buys. Deedah left a little later and Stephanie and i cropped at my balcony. she stayed until 11pm and it was a really good day :) and i'm glad she got home safe too :D

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Sharmaine said...

How scary! I hope your nephew is ok! Thinking of you!
Also hope your feeling better soon too! Saturday sounded like a wonderful time! I get hungry just reading of the wonderful food you have been eating!!!
Take care :)