Monday, August 6, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Monday Morning, bright and early. i guess it's the Mum thing. get breakfast ready for kids going to school and then another round of breakfast for the little ones who would creep out of bed with their "sleeping hair"..hehe and looking all out of sorts :D i can hear the pitter patter of little feet coming from my scrap table...

last night, in the middle of the night Anis woke up and ran out into the darkness calling out, "Mummy! Mummy!" and in my sleep i heard him and called, "I'm here! I'm here!" he came running back to my room and climbed up my bed and snuggled next to me. *awwww moment* :D but i felt good. i just do.

Monday Morning Sun
For Nati
sending a package to you this week Dear! :)
For Kristy
i doodled and drew that rainbow bit from the star :D
Who: Anis & Aneesa
just having fun with this page :)
Thanks for the well wishes Friends :) i am feeling slightly better this morning. although not entirely feeling Superb but still in good spirits. the aches and this part of aging? *wink*

hope you'll all have a Great Week! :)


Pris said...

Glad you are feeling better, Ed! Love your LOs with the Love, Elsie stuff! You are GOOD at doodling!

NoraHata said...

So glad you're feeling better Ed and still managed to churned out awesome pages! ;)


Oh my God!
A package to me????
I think I'll dye when it arrives here!!!